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Our Story





Drought Control Somalia is a social enterprise founded in order to develop and realise creative initiatives that will reverse the process of desertification, deforestation and land degradation. We believe that the issue of water security plays a vital role in reconciliation and peacebuilding.

Over the past 80 years, the number of recurring droughts in the Horn of Africa has drastically increased, as precipitation patterns in the region have changed. Due to climate change, droughts are going to become more frequent and prolonged in the future. Climate Change has only added to the existing issues of conflict and instability which has led to an increase in food insecurity and malnutrition in many parts of Somalia. 


For much of the past two decades the region has been scarred by intense conflict as different factions and militia groups have fought over land. This has resulted in the devastation of the inter-riverine areas consequently causing famine and the disruption of farming and livestock production. Increasing numbers of refugees have also left the country for neighbouring Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti at the same time the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) has sharply increased across the region. 



Why are we doing this?




1. To Prevent More Displacement 


Somalia tends to have a cycle of droughts followed by intense flooding, in these conditions people are displaced twice as they become victims of both droughts and floods. This is due to change in annual rainfall patterns over the years, receiving annual rainfall within 14 days with great intensity is very common in Somalia; in some incidents, the country receives 20% of its annual rainfall within just 18 hours.  There are already a high number of people that are IDPs (internally displaced peoples) due to the conflict in Somalia. Therefore we believe that we must prevent a further increase of displaced people by preparing for droughts and flooding and finding long-lasting solutions.  



2. To Find Long-Term Solutions to Drought


Having recently found an underground lake the size of Windermere in Switzerland in the dry region of northern Kenya, Alain Gachet tells us how his radar scanning technique can reveal immense reservoirs of water under the most barren and impoverished territories on Earth. This is just one of many new innovative solutions that can help alleviate drought in Somalia. We at Drought Control Somalia believe that is important to support innovation that is low cost and can manage or control droughts effectively so we do not have future humanitarian emergencies. 



3. To Educate and Empower


Education allows individuals to improve their futures and the future of their communities. Today many children in Somalia do not have access to education. Environmentally aware and empowered youths are potentially the greatest agent of change for the long-term protection and stewardship of the environment. It is vital that foster homegrown solutions to the pressing issue of recurrent droughts, land degradation and deforestation.




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