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Sustainable Solutions 

Drought Control Somalia has found sustainable solutions along three standards; Stop, Reverse, and Prevent. Along these three standards we can protect the ecosystem from degradation in a sustainable manner which can in turn revitalise local economies and raise public awareness.

The Positive Effects of Continuous Contour Trenches

This new innovative method called continuous contour trenching could have a long lasting impact to prevent drought, desertification and food scarcity. Drought is caused by lack of trees, if we protect trees we can come out of drought. Rain makes the land wet, which means land grows trees and creates clouds. Trees create cool weather for clouds to rain and the cycle continues. If it does not rain for a long time, land dries.  Whether nature breaks the cycle or we break it, there is drought in that area.

If we start the cycle manually, nature takes care of it from then. Instead of adjusting to live in drought conditions, better to change the condition. If we start leaving drought hit areas, after a century, half of the land area of our planet will be under drought. Blaming global warming or local governance is not the solution. We need to follow a step-by-step process to change the situation, which can change a drought hit area to a thick forest in few decades and can create liveable conditions just in few years.

Below are photographs showing that it can be done;


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