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Core Values


  • Transparency: To uphold responsibility within our organisation but also in our partnerships, policies, strategies and financial practices.

  • Empowerment: To build a resilient community, we focus on empowering people by inspiring them to become more active change makers, building bridges of hope and solving problems together.

  • CreativityTo encourage innovation and creativity to help overcome the challenges of water security in the region.

  • Sustainability: To focus on seeing sustainable results with long-term success. To us achieving sustainability means creating value on the three dimensions of People, Power and Projects.





Drought Control Somalia aims to safeguard water sources by regenerating the most vulnerable areas in Somalia being lost to desertification, deforestation and land degradation. 




  1. To raise awareness about the many solutions that can tackle drought and improve water security in Somalia.

  2. To foster the implementation of solutions in local communities so they  can take back control of their lives during periods of drought.

  3. To promote sustainable development with a specific focus on four key areas; safe access to water, sanitation and health and education.

  4. To empower people to become active citizens by addressing key issues facing their community.

  5. To increase opportunities for marginalized/ persecuted groups in Somalia

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