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Somalia faces humanitarian crisis after heaviest rainfall in over 30 years

The UN and Somali government have launched a joint appeal to provide immediate help to those affected by the recent floods in the center and south of the country. They need at least $80 million to help assist with the worsening humanitarian situation. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) the rainfall was the heaviest the country had seen in more than 30 years. The floods have caused deaths, extensive damage to infrastructure and agricultural land, exacerbating an already fragile humanitarian situation. The representatives of the OCHA have said that over 750,000 people have been affected, with at least 220, 000 displaced persons. The $ 1.5 billion humanitarian response plan for Somalia in 2018 was only financed for 24%, and the new $ 80 million appeal would bring short-term support to affected communities.

A man walks through flooded street in the town of Beledweyne; HOL

River levels along the Juba and Shabelle are expected to decrease in the coming days. The upper, middle and lower reaches of Shabelle remain under moderate risk of flooding owing to the current high water levels, while along the Juba there is minimal risk of flooding in the forecast period (SWALIM 24/05/2018). The number of cases of AWD/cholera is expected to increase through June (OCHA 24/05/2018). Where significant flooding may continue through June, it is expected that the spatial extent of flooding would increase, and the possibility of replanting crops would decline. The timing of the off-season (recession) Gu production would also be further delayed (FSNAU 24/05/2018).

Affected Regions

+220,000 people displaced. WASH Latrine damage widespread.

There is now a high risk of water contaminationAWD/Cholera is active in the affected regions.

Humanitarian Constraints

Heavy rains and flooding have damaged supply routes making access to several key locations possible only by air and by boat. The two main roads connecting Gedo with Mogadishu and Kismayo are inaccessible (OCHA 25/05/2018).Insecurity and capacity limitations also make access to severely affected areas challenging.

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